Portion Control Steaks & Chops

At Centerpoint Meats & Provisions, we believe that a local distributor is more in tune with local trends and can better react to the changing demands in foodservice. We provide quality portion control steaks and portion products customized to each customers’ individual operation.

Why Use Portion control Steaks & Chops?

Know the cost of each portion on the plate

Extensive knowledge of multiple portion cuts and yields to fit your menu needs

Local distribution for freshness and quality

Easy to handle large seating’s

Decreased labor time for prep

100% useable product

We handle managing the 21 day min age

No by-products to find a use for

Each steak is cut to your specifications

Steaks processed in 45 degrees temperature controlled cleaned room, not the heat of a kitchen

Product processed when you order

Cryovac bags prevent cross contamination and extend shelf life

Process date and product description on box for easy rotation and inventory

USDA Inspected and HACCP certified

Allows the operator to focus on menu development and other aspects of their business